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We hope you enjoyed watching our introdoctury video! :)

During the summer months we organize wine tastings, dinners, musical concerts in our vineyards, which are only 800 m-s from the resort.

Below we would like to give you more taste of Hungary and our surroundings.

Some of the pictures in the following video were taken at a neighbouring city to us: Hévíz, where one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites can be found: a natural thermal lake similar to those you can find in Iceland.  

Hévíz is only a few minutes by car from Pálos Resort.  Below you can see a longer video about this beautiful city, which is full of activities, classical and pop concerts, gastronomical festivals, besides it's number one attraction: the unique thermal lake.

Of course besides spas, thermal baths, Hungary has much more to offer to You.

With our resort our goal is to show you a natural side of Hungary and its traditions.  Here everything is original, we guarentee to give you only original and not artifical fun!

Our resort is far from the noise of traffic, it is situated in a hilly area full of local plants and animals.  Birdwatchers, hunters find this a paradise.  The area has quite a bit of history as well.  It was here that after the Mongolian invasion of Europe in the 1200s, the only Hungarian priest order the "Pálos" order has rebuilt their monastery and their center was thriving here until the "Turkish times" in 1500s, when it was burned and demolished.  The Pálos used to have a large lake with fish near the forest, the remains of which can be observed today.  We are exhibiting some reliquia of the nearby monastery in our house.

To give you some more taste of Hungary, we again invite you to watch a  shorter and longer video, but also our photo gallery on the bottom of this page.

The first short video is one of our favourites, and is performed by a favourite actor to many of us, the late Tony Curtis (passed away in 2010), this video was made in Hungary with him, in the early 2000s.

The final video is a longer one, and it shows you the landscape while also enlightening some of the achievements Hungarians gave to the world.  

For contact information and instructions on how to reach us please click here!

Our photo gallery:

And now if you have read all of the above, watched all the videos, and seen all the pictures:

Here is a present for you, a popular Hungarian folk song (which is played during the above Héviz video as well) performed here by Freddie Mercury, during Queen's 1986, concert in Budapest.  The full song after the intro can be heard at 0:49:39 minutes. We hope to be able to teach you this song while staying with us in Hungary! :)